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This is the site if you looking for my fragrance and product development consultancy services.  If you are interested in purchasing my innovative product, Essential Awakenings ™ Smell and Memory Kits, please tap on to the index above, "Essential Awakenings"  or visit my on-line store:


My professional history spans 25+ years at both perfumery and finished-goods houses, and my mission has always been to create wonderful scent experiences for clients and for all product forms from household cleaners to fine fragrance.  I understand global markets, and the changing consumers.

You have read that my work has included developing perfume with Coty celebrities (such as Celine Dion, Beyonce, Halle Berry); SC Johnson (Blue Windex);  Colgate Palmolive (Soft Soap Anti-bac); and fashion brands such as Guess, Nautica and Tadashi Shoji. I work well with clients on a individual basis, and I am dedicated to use as many fair trade, natural and organic raw materials as possible in my development.  Why?  I believe that this trend is not going away, as it is a lifestyle choice of many consumers, and I respect that.  It is the future.  And it is NOW.  In this arena, some of my most recent clients have included skin and hair care brands, John Master's Organics and T'Zikal, a new brand that focuses its heritage on sourcing fair trade ingredients from Hondurus.  

My rates are determined on a project-to-project basis, and confidentiality is always key.

References will be given upon request.